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Tackling the Fur on Your Australian Shepherd

Do Australian Shepherds shed?

Yep! Sorry folks, these cute guys shed a lot!

One of the most common questions and biggest concerns of new Aussie owners is if they shed and how much?

Australian Shepherds have a coat that shed all year round. In addition, shedding heavily increases during Spring time, as they rid their heavy winter coats.


Why a Shedding Australian Shepherd Matters

When you make the decision to get a dog, such as an Australian Shepherd, he or she will become a member of your family. And more often than not, they will be shedding. Why is this important? Many people are allergic to dogs…roughly 10%-20% of the population. However they are not really allergic to the dog-but rather to the “dander” produced by the Aussie. Think of dander as dandruff on dogs.

As your Australian Shepherd starts to shed, the dander is also released into the home or surrounding areas. If you find yourself allergic to dogs you can follow some steps to minimize your chances with allergies in your home. With a little bit of work, even ultra-sensitive dog owners can manage an Australian Shepherd

I Heart Dog conducted a survey with 85 real Australian Shepherds owners. Here are their thoughts on shedding and their Aussie’s.

  • 15% said their Australian Shepherd experienced extreme shedding.
  • 20% said their Australian Shepherds experienced low shedding.
  • 0% said their Australian Shepherds experience no shedding.


It’s no surprise that all Australian Shepherd owners claim their dogs shed. And while 20% claim it is a low amount of shedding, they still shed more than your typical hypoallergenic dog. 

Owners’ tips on tackling all the fur

If your Aussie has a long heavy coat use a brush and rake (type of dog brush-looks like its name) to get through any parts of the coat that are ready to shed. Brush every day, multiple times a day if possible.


Bathe your Australian Shepherd.

If your Australian Shepherd is a heavy shedder and you don’t have the facilities to bathe at home, I recommend taking them to the groomer whenever you feel like they need it or at least every 5 weeks, give or take.

Invest in the proper tools.

Vacuum your house regularly and often to keep up on the amount of fur being shed. If you have uncarpeted floors a microfiber electrostatic dry mop/broom helps tremendously. When it comes to removing pet hair from furniture a little moisture can help wonders. 

When at all possible, brush your Australian Shepherd outside. The dander will get released outside and with a light breeze those allergens will be long gone!

Brush, Brush, and Brush some more.

Dander along with fur likes to collect on carpets and rugs. And if you don’t do anything about it you can experience terrible allergies. Removing carpet is not a cost-effective solution for most people so a house with both carpet and other materials (wood, marble, etc.) would be best. 

Although I wouldn’t recommend constantly being on medication for the sake of your dog allergies, there may be times when it can help a lot. For example, during the Spring season when your Australian Shepherd starts to heavily shed or if it’s just one of those weeks when your sinuses are experiencing sensory overload, taking medication makes sense. Make sure you always consult your doctor before you go out and buy allergy medication to make sure that really is your issue. Not all medication will work, so professional consultation is extremely important.

Shedding is normal so always have a lint roller handy.

I know it might be difficult, but try to keep one room in your house where your Australian Shepherd is not allowed. Your bedroom for example…keeping your bed and the surroundings fur free can provide a place for you to escape to if your allergies get really bad or you just need a minute in a fur free zone.

It is possible for your allergies to get better over time. After being constantly exposed to allergens, it is not a surprise, the human body will become desensitized to it. Your body will get used to your Australian Shepherds dander/allergens. With a little patience and time-your allergies can improve.

Get a good vacuum cleaner.

You can install HEPA filters throughout your home. Clean often and thoroughly to remove dust and dander and wash furniture coverings, such as blankets and throw pillows, curtains and other cloth items as much as possible. Buying a HEPA vacuum cleaner or one that is built for pet fur can help catch all the allergens as well.

Washing your clothes often can help battle the allergens also. The moment you cuddle up with your shedding Australian Shepherd your clothes will be covered in fur-well worth it I might add- but it will require more laundry days.

Dryer sheets are great at picking up pet hair.

Talking with your groomer might help you get the skinny on ways to help manage living with a shedding Australian Shepherd

There is no way to completely stop your Aussie from shedding. It might seem like cleaning with a shedding Australian Shepherd in your home is like brushing your teeth while eating Oreos but I promise their companionship and love will be worth any amount of fur.



Hi there! My name is Erica and I am absolutely in love with Australian Shepherds. These pups have been a big part of my life for as long as I can remember, and I have learned so much about them over the years. I am now excited to share all of my knowledge and experiences with you through my writing for Aussie University. When I'm not typing away, you can find me out and about with my own Aussie crew, exploring all that nature has to offer or participating in fun dog-centered activities. I can't wait to connect with all of you fellow Aussie lovers out there!

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