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Australian Shepherd Photos

Calling all Aussie lovers! 

Do you have a ton of photos of your Aussies on your phone?

I know I have a zillion.

Check this out…We’re looking for your BEST, SUPER FUN photos of your Furry Best Buddies!!!

If you’ve got a GREAT photo of your pup that you wanna show off, we’d love to see it!

This might be for you if you’re photo features your:

  • Australian Shepherd
  • Australian Cattle Dog (Blue/Red Heelers)
  • Mini-Australian Shepherd
  • Aussie Doodle

If you want to see your Aussie on Aussie Univerity, submit a photo (bonus points if you’re in it too)! 

I’ll enter it into our “Pup of The Month” drawing and possibly even feature your dog in an article for my upcoming Aussie book!

Here’s what we’re looking for: 

  • Your photo must be of an Australian breed dog and you may only send in photos YOU OWN and have the copyright.
  • Make sure it’s of the highest resolution possible and please don’t crop it either – we’ll format it for the sizes and whatnot that we require. 
  • Please clearly indicate the breed in your email  (especially for Mini Aussie & American Shepherd owners)

Info we need with the photo

Alongside your photo, we’d also like you to include a brief description…Include your First & Last Name (for photo credit), your location, your dog’s name, and a few sentences about your Aussie and the photo. 

Tell us if anything interesting, funny, or unusual happened!

How to Submit a Photo to possibly be featured on Aussie University

I can’t wait to see your Aussie photos!

Submit them to, and don’t forget to check our Terms and Conditions before you do!

Thanks for sharing your Aussie photos with us. 

Keep in touch!



Rango and brother Grits