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About Us

Welcome to AU — we’re all about celebrating Australian Dog Breeds.

We know that these amazing breeds are more than just pets, they’re family members — and we’re here to help you understand and appreciate them in all their furry glory.

Aussie University is the go-to source for everything you need to know about Australian Dog Breeds.

Founded by Ryan Wood, our mission is to provide a community where dog lovers can gather and share tips, tricks and advice on how to give their furry friends the best life possible.

“I started Aussie University to share things I’ve learned over 20 years of owning Australian Shepherds. As the site grew, I brought in other Aussie Lovers that specialized and care for other Aussie breeds as much as I do for the Shepherd. Together, I believe we’ve made something truly great, and it’s just getting started!” – Ryan Wood, Aussie University Founder.

We understand that each individual pup has unique needs, so we strive to make knowledge more accessible and accurate in order to bridge the gap between pet owners and professionals so that everyone can reap the most benefits from their relationship with their beloved pups.

At Aussie University, we believe in having fun while we learn; our website is filled with engaging content that will teach you all about Australian Dog Breeds, including breed info, health advice, training tips, behavior management techniques and much more.

Our team of passionate owners are constantly seeking new ways to inform readers so that they can become better owners and enjoy their bond with these beautiful creatures even more.

Join us at Aussie University as we work together towards a better understanding of Australian Dogs!

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