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About Ryan Wood

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Ryan Wood is a former Web Designer and Graphic Designer. He now helps people learn about their Australian Shepherds, from training tips, personality quirks, herding, nutrition and more. He chooses the breed because:

“Literally every single day I discover something new and unique about my own Aussies. Seriously – every single day.
These little dudes do something that other breeds wouldn’t ordinarily do – they make me laugh out loud at least once a day.
I love that. Every single day.”

Ryan researches and writes content Aussie University where he tells stories and shares fun things he’s learned and observed about this wonderful breed.

He also writes for another passion that runs through his family — Rescuing and Raising Mini Donkeys – where he writes everything he’s learned about the fun, furry mini-donkey creatures.  He enjoys writing with minidonkeyuniversity.com to help new and seasoned miniature donkey owners learn the joys of rescuing and keeping these animals a long-term pets.

“I grew up in a small farming community in Northwest Illinois, (not Chicago) where I remember always having Aussie’s and Heelers.  Always being challenged by these dogs to learn their unique personalities at a young age.  I picked up a lot of advice and tips from my dad, Michael Wood, who raised and showed cutting horses where he trained our Australian Shepherds and Australian Cattle Dogs to herd cattle on the family ranch.”

Now I’m able to share my passion for Australian Shepherds and Australian Breeds in general right here on AussieUniversity.com . Whether it’s new puppies, training, nutrition or any other type of herding, we have you covered. I love sharing new thing I learn and answering all of your questions to make your dog develop into the best Aussie you could ever love.